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Coldplay Yellow (Cover) - Jam Practice

The "Coldplay" Idea!

"Bring it on" proclaimed beginner guitarist and music enthusiast Tony Rajaiah as we completed putting up and running our makeshift band setup. Nothing more than a Yamaha DGX 220 and an semi-acoustic Guitar connected to the amplifiers was needed for these two childhood friends to practice. I usually get nostalgic by floods of memories when Tony is around, remembering all the insane things we used to back then, Choke-slamming one another on the creaky old bed (which eventually gave way one day due under "pressure"), riding the cycle while he stands on the back seat to name a few.

But today he was not standing on the backseat of a cycle i was riding. Today he was tuning his semi-acoustic and complaining "the bass isn't sounding proper". Makes you wonder why do you have to ever grow? But, good things come in time.

here we are, after much debate on which song to play, we landed upon this Coldplay number. The song is creatively named "yellow". I agreed. With no clue to the piano notes of the song, I rapidly improvised and made notes by "play by ear" methodology. Also knowing the chords help you find the key in which the song had been built upon. So after a few minutes of jiggered practicing, we got this rolling:

We had plenty of goof ups, but again, this was just another practice session. To make things better(or worse?) my brother seems to be enjoying his crappy cartoon show in background, least bothered of our practice and recordings.
So we purposely keep our instruments at full volume, so that neither party is disturbed(yes. he too not disturbed by his monotonous silly cartoon shows).

How I came about coldplaying

Coldplay always amazed me with it's four man band lineup: Chris Martin, Jonny Buckland, Guy Berryman, Will Champion. While Chris has done an outstanding job of taking his band to great heights, there shall be no less praises for the other band members themselves.

Chris apart from being a great singer and vocalist, is also an Piano maestro, and he loves to play the acoustic versions of most of his songs. Yellow was probably his most wonderfully covered acoustic. I happen to hear a version of his Yellow piano version that he played on a Radio Channel is London.

We had a great time, doing rounds of some more reggae stuff, built in a small tune around. Hope we get it recorded next time around for you guys.

Till then, stay tuned guys!
-Nikhil Bijai


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